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“Rock Lives Here: where Rock ‘N’ Roll ain’t no fashion, it’s a way of life.”


In early 2019, Rock Lives Here was born in the outer western reaches of Melbourne, Australia. Founder Scott Smith first launched Rock Lives Here as a weekly community radio show. However, Scott soon saw a greater need to build a home for those who live, breathe, eat and play ROCK music in Australia.

A community to showcase the awesome ROCK music shunned by the mainstream and which the industry gatekeepers try to tell us is dead. Today, this community is steadily growing as is the legion of bands, publicists, promoters and rock fans worldwide who have their music featured on Rock Lives Here.


Our mission is to be the place #WhereAustraliaRocks. The real mission however of Rock Lives Here is to build an ever growing community of ROCK music fans in Australia. With the power of the people, ensuring that Rock ‘N’ Roll in this great country, never dies.

Rock Lives Here is the place for ROCK music listened to, played and promoted by the vagabonds, rebels, outcasts, underdogs and defiant ones. Rock and Roll that some may call hard, classic, melodic, southern, blues, alternative or country and everything in between.

Round here though it’s just called ROCK N ROLL. But it ain’t no fashion, it’s a way of life.

Our foundations are built on the legacy of great Aussie Rock, but also from a passion bring to people’s attention the incredible artists from around the world who otherwise may not the attention they deserve here in Australia.


It’s early days for Rock Lives Here, however we aren’t letting the events of 2020 stop us in our tracks. Especially, with some kick-ass rock bands around the world making incredible music in the first half of 2020. is the Home, so check back regularly. We have just launched a Marketplace which we are building every week with the bold aim to be the only online destination you’ll ever need in Australia to purchase your rock n roll supplies.

We have our Spotify Podcast that features interviews with artists from the past, present and future. Whilst we also have a bunch of rockin’ Spotify Playlists for you to check out, which we update weekly.

When the powers that be allow, you’ll be hearing more of Rock Lives Here getting behind live music here in Australia and that includes Events and Meet-Ups of our own. As per above, it’s all about building the community and supporting Rock ‘N’ Roll here in Australia!


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Scott Smith

Owner / Founder

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