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About Scott Smith

Scott Smith the founder of Rock Lives Here, first got his taste for rock ‘n’ roll as a 13-year-old on John Farnham’s Age Of Reason tour in 1988. The roar of the fans, the energy of the band, amazing songs and the set closer, a cover of It’s A Long Way To The Top from AC/DC. That song and its hard rock energy certainly sparked something in his ears.

He spent the summer of 1988 listening to his very first cassette, Open Up And Say Aah by Poison. Metal Edge and Hot Metal magazines were his bibles. Whilst his ears have heard virtually every hair metal / hard rock band that existed in the 1980’s / 1990’s.

Just as Scott now prefers a good red wine over a pint of VB, so have his ears matured over the years beyond just the hair metal that filled his teenage ears. The digital age has opened up our ears to so much incredible music. Social media allows us to connect with artists and fellow fans from around the world.

But it sure can be hard work being a rock music fan in the 2020’s. New releases available on multiple platforms, news coming at us from hundreds of sources. A decimated live music scene worldwide and just where do I buy a physical copy of that new Rival Sons album in Australia?

Having spent the past decade working in the music industry as a Business Manager, rock photographer, music journalist and music fan, Rock Lives Here was born to make ROCK music more widely accessible and promoted here in Australia.

Looking forward to connecting with you on the various platforms and one day soon, back at a live gig!

Join the Rock Lives Here social platforms . Check out the Store . Get behind the rock bands we support, who shed blood, sweat and tears to make rock ‘n’ roll dreams come true.

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