Introducing Breezie Knicks

Introducing Breezie Knicks

If ever there's a band that I can't emphasis enough to just hit play and see if they are for you, it's Breezie Knicks.  The Melbourne based four-piece have just released their debut Self Titled album and takes influence from mainly their own heads, but everything from Alternative Rock to Lo-Fi to 50's Rock.  There's some smouldering Sax and tasty guitar licks and solos and it has summer vibes all over it...

The guys were kind enough to answer these "hard hitting" questions and whilst you're reading, be sure to give their album a listen.  


In 33 words or less, describe to readers what Breezie Knicks is all about in a musical sense?
I would probably describe Breezie as a mashup of many different eras and genres. We write what feels natural and most of the time the sound comes from out of nowhere.

I normally try avoid the “what inspired your band name” question, however with Breezie Knicks, I can’t help but ask where that name came from?
It has many different meanings to us personally. But it mainly is a play on the name of the legendary, Stevie Nicks. Breezie seemed more like our style of music, and Knicks is taken from the spelling of the NBA New York Knicks team.

Let’s get to know the band members.  Tell us a rock ‘n’ roll fact or myth for each band member?
Jon first learnt drums from playing guitar hero.
Before Cody started singing for Breezie Knicks, he used to scream for a hardcore band.
People refer to Brad as ‘The Badness’.
Braden at the age of 25 still can’t grow a moustache.
Ones a myth and the others are fact!

Releasing your album in the midst of a pandemic, what’s been some of the biggest challenges to getting this rock n roll train a’ running…?
There were plenty of challenges. The biggest one was that we couldn’t go into a studio to record, so we had to record it all from my home studio. It gets hard to stay motivated when you’ve already spent months writing these songs, just to have to go back and re-record and mix it all. The other big challenge is rehearsing. For half of the year we got a good go at it, only to go back into lockdown. With an album drop you want to start playing shows straight away, and unfortunately these lockdowns have delayed that.

Thinking back to the recording of your album, what are some of the most immediate memories from the recording sessions?
Recording backing vocals was probably the most fun. Four boys jumping on the beers, belting out some vocals and enjoying each other's company. It’s a good vibe when all of us can be together, so moments like these stand out.

One thing that immediately leapt out from your songs is the tasty guitar licks and solos and an infectious summer “vibe”….who are some of the key musical influences that inspired the sound of Breezie Knicks?
The biggest would have to be Arctic Monkeys. Not so much for their sound, but their ability to write whatever they feel. I feel that you can hear when a band is trying too hard to sound a certain way, rather than just writing what comes out naturally. Our other big influences are Ocean Alley, Sticky Fingers, Anderson Paak and The 1975. To name a few...

What would you say is the greatest inspiration to your lyrics?
A lot of our lyrics come more from past experiences rather than how I feel at the time of writing. Once I know what past experience I can relate the song to, the lyrics kinda just come out naturally.

Referencing one of my fav tracks from the album ‘Private Jet’ with both Interstate and International borders reopening – where’s the first destination you’re headed for on the BreezieKnicks JetAirliner?
I think coming into summer it only feels natural to head to Queensland! But Bali would be my ultimate choice. Relax on the beach with some Bintangs sounds pretty good.

We’re heading into what will hopefully be a glorious Summer Festival season – what would be an ideal 5 band mini-festival for you?  Throw some band / artist names at us…
That's a hard one! I think our line up wouldn’t make much sense because of our love of all genres.

But if it was our personal show I’d go with Anderson Paak, Sticky Fingers, Arctic Monkeys, Lime Cordiale and just to throw a curveball in the mix… Architects!

Heading into 2022 with high anticipation, what can we expect to see and hear from Breezie Knicks in the coming months / year?
We will be getting a few shows under our belt at the start of 2022. We are in the middle of organising an album launch, but it’s still in the early stages. In terms of music, we have a few things under way at the moment. One being an acoustic/live EP of some of the songs from our album. We’ve also started writing new music and hope to get the next EP or album under way as soon as possible!

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