Introducing Miles To Midnight

Introducing Miles To Midnight

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Based out of Sydney, Australia, Miles to Midnight (M2M) is a six-piece alt-rock band that are set to release their debut album Out Of Time on December 3rd 2021, with their latest single Walk Away set for release this Friday 12th November on your favourite digital platform.

If arena sized hooks and soaring choruses are your bag, then get onto these guys!  Without getting too hung up on 'genre', because after-all a good song is a good song. Founding members Josh Mason and Sam Morrell (who also wrote, produced, mixed and mastered their album) have this to say about the band’s contemporary hybrid style,

We decided that we would view the future as an opportunity to explore new musical styles, and create a band that would be able to perform unique, versatile and exciting songs that can be enjoyed by all audiences, and for fans of any genre.’

Check out our recent Q&A with the band...

In 33 words or less, describe to readers what Miles To Midnight is all about in a musical sense?
We make music that is both timeless and memorable, creating and performing unique, versatile and exciting songs that are able to be enjoyed by all audiences, and for fans of any genre.

Let’s get to know the band members.  Tell us a rock ‘n’ roll fact or myth for each band member?

  • Josh Reck:
    • I met Joel and Benji Madden (Good Charlotte) once, but I asked only Joel for a photo 🤡 this was when he was the judge on The Voice and I didn’t know Benji L
  • Josh Mason:
    • I am also the drummer of Indigo Point.
  • Sam Morrell:
    • Not-so secret nickname is “Sex Panther”
  • Paul El:
    • I opened for Robert Plant with my rock band "The Kordz" in Tunisia in 2006.
  • Rohan Ball:
    • I once jammed with the front man of Indigo Point. The Drummer was there too but no one really cares about him…

Recording your soon to be released album ‘Out Of Time’ in the midst of a pandemic, what’s been some of the biggest challenges to getting this rock n roll train a’ running…?
The ability to be in the same room for starters... Miles to Midnight started as Sam and myself (Josh Mason) recording some songs and just seeing what happened. As we progressed from there a major challenge was building the band and getting everyone in the same room, and then the lockdown hit... so we’re kind of back to square one in terms of rehearsing for live shows, but we’ll get back to it.

Thinking back to the recording of your album, what are some of the most immediate memories from the recording sessions?
Right as we were ready to begin recording the guitars for the album, one of the amps blew up, smoking out the room and left us needing to search for other options. Other than that, a bunch of stupid accents, jokes and way too much time being spent in the same room.

One thing that immediately leapt out from your songs such as latest single ‘Walk Away’ is the arena sized hooks and soaring choruses – who are some of your key musical influences?
Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, U2, Hinder, Good Charlotte, Imagine Dragons.

What do you feel you bring to the Aussie music scene that’s been missing?
What scene? But in all seriousness, in the sorely lacking Australian Music Scene we hope bring some fresh ideas and inspire some more excitement, and get people going to concerts again.

What would you say is the greatest inspiration to your lyrics?
Stories, listening to people, the world around us, the people that affect our lives in ways that others can’t, our own emotions and observations. Our lyrics come from a lot of places, so there’s not really a single “greatest” inspiration, but I guess it all kind of revolves around some form of “the human experience”, how we feel, why we feel and the stories that evolve from there.

We’re heading into what will hopefully be a glorious Summer Festival season – what would be an ideal 5 band mini-festival for you?  Throw some band / artist names at us…
Miles to Midnight (obviously), Foo Fighters, Peking Duk, Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park

Heading into 2022 with high anticipation, what can we expect to see and hear from Miles to Midnight in the coming months / year?
A lot more live shows (hopefully), maybe some new music, and just get to being a regular band in the same room.

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