Introducing The Dreadful Tides

Introducing The Dreadful Tides

Melbourne based hard-rock band The Dreadful Tides sure haven't let Covid slow down their quest for bringing their modern day take on 70's classic rock, with their 2nd single House Of Pain following on from first single Crazy.

Think heavy riffs, crashing drums, running bass lines and solid rock vocals inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Black Label Society, Motley Crue and Rage Against The Machine.

Check out all you need to know about The Dreadful Tides below and get ready to catch them at a Venue near you in 2022!

In 33 words or less, describe to readers what The Dreadful Tides is all about in a musical sense?
Justin “Strudy” Strudwick: TDT are crashing drums, heavy guitars, That thunderous bass and powerful vocals. We are here to help keep hard rock alive! 

I normally try avoid the “what inspired your band name” question, however with The Dreadful Tides, I can’t help but ask where that name came from?
Holden Stirling: We get asked this a lot, most people ask if it’s from a movie or too many rounds at the bar…  Remembering my love for the ocean for some unknown reason “Dreadful Tides” came to mind.  At the time I thought it, I was with Lee-boy (bands drummer), I told him the name and his face looked like a lightbulb went off inside.  We threw it to the boys, Strudy added a “THE” for epic dramatic effect. and before we knew it THE DREADFUL TIDES were born baby! 

Let’s get to know the band members.  Tell us a rock ‘n’ roll fact or myth for each band member?
Holden: Originally hails from the NZ metal core scene

Strudy: I’m a Gibson and Marshall enthusiast with many original vintage Gibson guitars and Marshall amps

Darius “D-man” Kooth: smashed "House of Pain" bass track in 2 takes. 

Leland “Lee-boy” Hallett: My prized record is my signed Peter Criss solo album

Born in the midst of a pandemic, what’s been some of the biggest challenges to getting this rock n roll train a’ running…?
Lee-Boy: It was hard work demoing during lockdowns and as much practice as we could while the gates where open. This was our first push to market and we had a lot of learning to do. Covid gave us time to put some really hard work into learning how to promote and we put everything into getting Crazy to as many ears as possible.

We were lucky to get to know some really cool people who let us ask questions and gave great advice. I would never say we didn’t face challenges, not being able to gig and not being able to work in the same room has definitely made this more challenging. We adjusted our plans where we had too and took every opportunity we could because we have something we want the world to hear.

You’ve just released your latest single House Of Pain, thinking back to the recording of this song, what are some of the most immediate memories?
Holden: for me, it’s being in the booth, got me phones in, and I’m watching lee boy guide me through the singing from the window, finger waving and all ha-ha shit was epic! And it actually helped me know where I was going with the notes 

Strudy: the look on our faces when we first heard this track come together. And we had a killer food platter!

D-man: the location of the studio (Lighthill Sound Recording) was amazing. Open space, natural landscape, wildlife, gave us the space we needed between takes to recharge and hang out. 

Lee-boy: the rush when I first played the intro. My wood/fiberglass toms came alive!

What have been some of your most listened to albums / bands during lockdown that have inspired the sound of The Dreadful Tides?
Holden: I’ve been listening to a fair bit of avenged sevenfold, and I know it may come as a surprise but a lot of juice world too, my man was such a phenomenal artist. How powerful of a weapon proper deliverance can be.

D-man: For me it’s Tool - the discipline and focus, knowing individual and each other’s part in and out, Sabbath - the simplicity and no fuss, no BS

Strudy: I’m a huge Zakk Wylde fan, so anything of his and the classic riff masters Black Sabbath. You can’t go wrong!

Lee-Boy: I have spent a lot of lockdown listening to Sixx A.M, Dirty Honey, Deep Purple, KISS, Led Zeppelin, a bit of everything rock really! 

Lyrically, what would you say is the greatest inspiration to your lyrics?
Holden: Self-experience. Life’s journey, those are what I find myself diving into most of the time it comes pen to paper. To me it’s the best stories to tell, because no one else can tell those stories. There YOUR stories, and when you find a way to deliver those stories in a way that impacts people on a heavy level, we’ll you know you’re on the right track. 

What would you say are the key “ingredients” that are essential to the songs of The Dreadful Tides?
D-man: Our differences. A combination of each member's ideas, style, taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. Each member brings something to the plate and not afraid to do so. Sense of freedom each member allows for others to choose their own sound and being able to be opened about differences. TDT would be boring without these differences.

What Movie Soundtrack from the past would have been perfectly suited for the music of The Dreadful Tides?
D-Man: Mission Impossible 2. Think:  Metallica, Rob Zombie, Foo Fighters, Godsmack, Chris Cornell.

Fingers crossed good times await us once again heading into 2022, what can we expect to see and hear from The Dreadful Tides in the coming months / year?
Strudy: 2022 for us will be a busy year, we are planning to release an EP early on in the year and tour off that. We would love to play anywhere and everywhere!

Lee-boy: Next year is all about getting on the road once our E.P comes out. From Regional Victoria to National to NZ we will get to you all, just tell us where you want us!

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