Outlaw rocker Cory Marks releases Nashville Nights EP with new single 'In Me I Trust'

Outlaw rocker Cory Marks releases Nashville Nights EP with new single 'In Me I Trust'

Canadian outlaw-country-rock artist, Cory Marks, has released his new EP Nashville Nights via Better Noise Music, with lead single, In Me I Trust, now available watching & streaming.

The rock-tinged outlaw country collection is a follow-up to Nashville Mornings, the more traditionally country-leaning EP that Marks released earlier this year. As a companion piece, the new Nashville Nights EP instead focuses on the critically acclaimed artist’s dynamic rock influences, having a track listing filled with anthems about being true to oneself and the high-stakes emotions that came along with living life and falling in love.

It adds high-octane production to Marks’ signature songwriting, which is rooted in the Nashville way of storytelling, backed by his experiences coming of age in Canada. 

Marks celebrated the release of the EP, stating, “This is a sequel to my last EP Nashville Mornings, except this time I show off my rock influences. I always want to make sure that I’m showcasing all artistic sides of me, and I’m happy that I found a new way to share both of these sides with fans with these two collections of songs. These tracks are meant to fill your Saturday nights with fun and rock ‘n’ roll. Party on and see you out on the road!”

Cory Marks Nashville Nights



  1. In Me I Trust
  2. Outlaws Original
  3. Good To Be Us
  4. Keep Doing What I Do
  5. Devil’s Grin
  6. Blame it on the Double (Live)
  7. Drive (Live)

Stream/download Nashville Nights EP here



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