Fangz Drop A 90's Skate-Punk Anthem 'I Don't Like Me'

Fangz Drop A 90's Skate-Punk Anthem 'I Don't Like Me'

After releasing their compelling track ‘Prove Me Wrong’, Sydney-based punk quartet FANGZ have today returned with their emotively-charged new single ‘I Don’t Like Me’.  Check out the video below...

What you need to know about 'I Don't Like Me'

‘I Don’t Like Me’ is a tip of the hat to 90’s skate punk-rock. Opening with an arpeggiated guitar riff and a hook-laden melody, the track swiftly picks up pace as monstrous drums and thudding bass combine. The arrangement deftly modulates back and forth, before building into a roaring crescendo at the bridge, closing out with its infectious chorus.  

Front man Joshua Cottreau talks about the meaning behind ‘I Don’t Like Me’:

“‘I Don’t Like Me’ is about the version of ourselves we publicly present in order to hide our true experience and what we’re really going through. It touches on our personal issues as well as the passing of close friends that lost their own battles with depression. This song is for anyone that is not ok and feels isolated. Just know you are not alone and you are loved.”

More about Fangz

Although battling against an unforgiving global pandemic, FANGZ have maintained their resilience and continued on throughout 2021 with great strides.

They sold out all shows on their ‘Self Medicate’ tour, making appearances across NSW, ACT, VIC and QLD. In the live arena, the band have also supported the likes of Comeback Kid (CAN), Cancer Bats (CAN), Gyroscope, Totally Unicorn and Bare Bones.

‘I Don’t Like Me’ is available now



Fangz - I Don't Like Me


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