Ginger Wildheart & 21st Century Love Songs

Ginger Wildheart & 21st Century Love Songs

"These are strange times, they're not times for writing happy songs.  These are times for angry songs and angry lyrics." - Ginger Wildheart on 21st Century Love Songs.

I had the pleasure this week of chatting with none other than the legend himself, Ginger Wildheart the frontman of The Wildhearts, one of the greatest English rock bands of the past 30 years!  Today (September 3rd) The Wildhearts released their new album 21st Century Love Songs.  An album chock full of massive riffs, The Wildhearts energy and chaos and an anger that talks of these times we are currently living.

21st Century Love Songs is out now via Graphite Records and distributed here in Australia via Dinner For Wolves  There’s some awesome physical versions of the album available via and be sure to check out the cracking videos for the singles released so far on the bands YouTube.

In this chat with Ginger, we chat about the bands upcoming September run of shows in the UK, delve deep into 21st Century Love Songs, Ginger shares his view on where the music industry is headed in a world post Covid and we discuss his love of all things Australia, including the Hoodoo Guru’s and The Castle!

* Listen to the interview in Spotify to hear the songs featured.

To celebrate the album release The Wildhearts unveil a brand new video for Splitter.

“Splitter was the first song that I wrote for the new album. The one where I thought "Oh fuck, I can hear us playing that, it's gonna be filthy, especially live".

I sent the riff to Ritch straight away, as I always do when I get an idea I'm excited about, and he was into it right off the bat. That's the thing with new Wildhearts songs, until there's a big, dirty riff in the bag you can't move on and write the rest of the album. It all starts with a righteous riff and some shouting. And I hope it always begins that way. If you ain't got the riffs then you ain't got shit.” explains Ginger Wildheart.

 21st Century Love Songs is out now! -

The Wildhearts 21st Century Love Songs


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