Hardcore Superstar At Their Brutal Best - 'Dreams In Red'

Hardcore Superstar At Their Brutal Best - 'Dreams In Red'

Fresh off the heels and success of their recent runaway single “Catch Me if You Can”, Gothenburg’s favourite sons HARDCORE SUPERSTAR have unleashed their hard hitting new single “Dreams In Red”.

Slicing through the speakers like a psychotic 80’s slasher movie, “Dreams in Red” takes the listener on a twisted journey through the mind of a mentally unstable killer, haunted and torn by their violent past.

Powerfully weaving between melody and aggression, “Dreams in Red” showcases the bands heavier sound, punctuated by their trademark ‘in your face’ production style and presenting a stark contrast between the infectious chorus of “Catch Me if You Can” and some of the heavier songs that comprise their upcoming album “Abrakadabra”, scheduled for release in March 2022.

With countless positive reviews and radio playlisting all over the world; coupled with over 100,000 Spotify plays of “Catch Me If You Can” within the first week of its release, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR are set to invoke some more Nordic Magic with “Dreams in Red” as they head out on the road with some exclusive dates to support its release ahead of their “Abrakadabra” World Tour currently being planned for 2022.

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