Hardcore Superstar To Release New Single 'Dreams In Red'

Hardcore Superstar To Release New Single 'Dreams In Red'

Fresh off the heels of success from their recent runaway single and video ‘Catch Me If You Can’, Gothenburg’s favourite sons HARDCORE SUPERSTAR are ready to unleash their hard hitting new single ‘Dreams In Red’ digitally through Golden Robot Records on the 1st of October (for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South America only). 

Slicing through the speakers like a psychotic 80’s slasher movie, ‘Dreams In Red’ takes the listener on a twisted journey through the mind of a mentally unstable killer, haunted and torn by their violent past.

Powerfully weaving between melody and aggression, ‘Dreams in Red’ showcases the band's heavier sound, punctuated by their trademark ‘in your face’ production style and presenting a stark contrast between the infectious chorus of ‘Catch Me if You Can’ and some of the heavier songs that comprise their upcoming album Abrakadabra, scheduled for release in March 2022.

This is classic HARDCORE SUPERSTAR at their brutal best. 

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Abrakadabra contains 10 hard hitting songs exploding with riffs, attitude, intensity and that magical feeling you get when work is over and the weekend is here. This is an album for the fans and best shared with great friends, cold beers and very loud speakers!

Recorded at both Osterlycken and Bombastik in Musikhens Hus, Gothenburg, the band returned to their roots to work with acclaimed producer Johan Reiven, who they previously collaborated with on their 2005 Black Album. The result is an intense and hard-hitting collection of songs that drummer Adde Moon describes as a “natural follow up to Black Album”.

Check out previous single Catch Me If You Can below.

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