Indigo Point release new single ‘Will I Still Be Here Tomorrow’ from forthcoming EP ‘Monochrome’ out August 27

Indigo Point release new single ‘Will I Still Be Here Tomorrow’ from forthcoming EP ‘Monochrome’ out August 27

Sydney based band Indigo Point have just released Will I Still Be Here Tomorrow, the lead track from their forthcoming EP Monochrome, due on the 27th of August.

School friends Sam Morrell (guitar, vocals) and J.J. Tempas (bass) formed the band in 2017, going on to be joined by drummer Josh Mason. With an EP and four singles released to date, the new track is sure to appease the band’s fans and initiate a groundswell of attention.

While cutting their teeth on the Sydney gig circuit Indigo Point developed an intense hybrid rock sound, taking elements of post-grunge, classic rock and adding a few contemporary nuances.

Will I Still Be Here Tomorrow, wastes no time establishing a bass guitar-led groove, vibrant and nicely overdriven, with the lyric’s sober-eyed observations adding a further layer of lugubriousness to the opening moments. One notices the tone and perhaps attitude of the vocal and recognises a resemblance to something the Queens of the Stone Age might invoke. However, as the track progresses, from the low-register voice of the verse to a move up the scale during the second half, the vocal begins to dilate, less controlled yet fittingly considering the lyric, and then something quite idiomatic is heard. The chorus adopts a full-throttled approach, a well-balanced melody aided by a thick layer of vocals, and of course, guitars—also layered, comprehensive, and defiantly rousing. The plangent aspects are accentuated by the downward tendency of the melody, unifying the chorus, and leaving no doubt as to the band’s ability to create a decent hook.

As the band has said about the new release, ‘This is a song about monotony in life. It’s about doing the same job, the same routine and getting stuck in a rut where you let your mind wander off, and in the end, you lose track of time.’

Will I Still Be Here Tomorrow is an unforgiving yet accessible contemporary rock track, exploring poignant ideas through the lens of tangible rawness and emotion—an enticing entrée into Indigo Point’s world and soon to be released EP.

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