Karly Jewell will have you ‘Dancing With The Devil’ with her latest single!

Karly Jewell will have you ‘Dancing With The Devil’ with her latest single!

Emerging Australian music artist Karly Jewell releases Dancing with the Devil, an alternative pop-rock track with emotional bite and searing intensity. The new single follows a series of releases, including Karly’s 2019 album Phoenix.

The Melbourne based singer-songwriter began her career at a young age, going on to win the nomination for Up and Coming Rock band in the Vegas Rock Magazine awards in 2014. This accolade was followed by an electronic rock crossover project that shot to the top 5 positions in the Triple J Unearthed Dance, Electronic and Rock charts.

When asked about the motivation behind Dancing with the Devil, Karly says,

‘It was that very moment I knew I was the boss taking some kind of darkness that would throw me in the deep end sometimes, and I would stand up and take charge. This was me winning, it could be you winning it’s what some of us do. There is always light in the dark.’

The light radiating from Karly’s self-reflective journey is palpable: a supercharged alignment of melodic power, fiery dynamics, and pure rock energy. Dancing With The Devil blurs the border between pop and rock, fashioning a contemporary style while paying homage to the emo rock genre.

With opening lines like, ‘Bleeding from the scars, bleeding from the scars, tore me apart’, one would expect we’re about to visit a rather dark landscape; however, despite, yes, the narrative’s dramatic inferences and the presence of menacing distorted guitars and a feverish sort of brooding, the song’s apex is the subtle hook of the chorus, with its chime of ‘Don’t need nobody to save me.’ And adding to this hook is Karly’s vocal approach: a dash of Paramore, with a hint of Chrissy Amphlett. Quite a mix.

Although the centrepiece of the track is Karly’s vocal performance, there is also a band—Adrian Kluke (guitar), David Beaton (bass guitar) and Mariano Marcos (drums) who do a splendid job, their expertise easily discernible.

Dancing With The Devil is a personal transformation channelled into a relatable musical experience. As Karly says about her creative process, ‘It’s normally the hook I work on first, then find the best way to tell this story. After I put most of it together, it’s time to get the band in the studio and let it all fall into place.’ It seems to all have fallen in place on this track; the variegated sections add up to a pleasing whole, adhering to what audiences expect of the genre while alluding to another side to Karly and the band’s creative armoury—one that will no doubt emerge fully formed in the wake of Dancing with the Devil.

One of those stories is Dancing with the Devil, which is sure to garner praise, radio play and global-wide streams.

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