Melbourne's Nat Allison releases new single 'We Are The Heroes'

Melbourne's Nat Allison releases new single 'We Are The Heroes'

Melbourne’s very own NAT ALLISON has just released her next highly anticipated single, WE ARE THE HEROES which dropped this FRIDAY OCTOBER 8 2021.

This feisty rocker with her guitar slung way down low, might be petite but really must be heard to be believed. Playing since the age of 10 and becoming a full time musician at 15, Nat Allison’s passion for music is unmistakable when you see her perform. ‘I love what I do and I want to continue doing what I love for a very long time.’

So, when COVID-19 hit, Nat’s world was rocked to the core. Like many hardworking musicians, regular bill-paying gigs, Australian and International tours were promptly cancelled. Everything stopped. Performing was such a huge part of her life, surely there was something she could do.

Nat recognised that every single person across the globe was forced to make enormous sacrifices and it was taking a huge toll on their mental health.

Feeling the power of music first hand and how it has broken down barriers in her own life, Nat knew what she could do.

“I wrote WE ARE THE HEROES to inspire HOPE, STRENGTH & NEVER GIVING UP and my wish is that this ROCK ANTHEM can provide that for the people” Nat Allison



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