Latest Album & Video Releases

Fans have been patiently awaiting the band’s upcoming magnum opus, but this summer, your wait is finally over! Final Advent has been announced for a release on August 26, 2022 through AFM Records.
A monstrous project is ahead of us and without a doubt, this is as unique as LORDI’s costumes and career. Mr. Lordi and his crew are announcing the release of a boxset of 7 new albums at once. The „Lordiversity“ box shall be available on November 26 as 7-CD boxset and as 7-Vinyl boxset in three different colour editions. 

After their last release “Mad World”, a year and a half ago, the quintet is back – and presenting their latest single "Break the Ice".  Singer Mark Fox describes the new masterpiece as a cool mid-tempo stamp including catchy guitar riffs, mythical verses and hymn-like melodious chorus.