Latest Album & Video Releases

On October 22nd, Armored Saint will release a new CD/DVD, Symbol of Salvation Live, via Metal Blade Records, to celebrate the seminal album's 30th anniversary.  Check a sneak peek with the live video for 'The Truth Always Hurts'.
Renegade 2.0 will be released via Nuclear Blast Records on November 12th in many beautiful formats and with a brand-new album artwork made by famous cover artist Andreas Marshall which makes every HAMMERFALL fan heart beats faster, and the pre-order starts today!

The Dead Daisies are continuing to put the proverbial pedal to the metal with the band really energized about the upcoming UK Tour, the first since 2018.  Adding to the buzz around these dates, is the September 17th release of their seventh single "Saving Grace" (Radio Edit) from their chart-topping album "Holy Ground".

Pumpkin fans, unite! Helloween and Incendium are teaming up for the launch of Seekers of the Seven Keys, a supernatural horror-fantasy comic book that explores the iconic cast of characters depicted on album covers from the legendary German heavy metal band.
Fresh off the heels of success from their recent runaway single and video ‘Catch Me If You Can’, Gothenburg’s favourite sons HARDCORE SUPERSTAR are ready to unleash their hard hitting new single ‘Dreams In Red’.
Check out my chat with Ginger about The Wildhearts new album 21st Century Love Songs. "These are strange times, they're not times for writing happy songs. These are times for angry songs and angry lyrics."
Mötley Crüe 40th anniversary celebrations continue with a digital remaster of their album Shout At The Devil available across platforms worldwide on October 1. The digital remaster of their legendary album Dr. Feelgood was released today.