Tempt Drop New infectious new single 'Living Dangerous' featuring Dorothy!

Tempt Drop New infectious new single 'Living Dangerous' featuring Dorothy!

New York City band to watch, TEMPTwho are already getting buzz from the likes of Loudwirejust dropped their new, infectious single “Living Dangerous,” via Better Noise Music

The track features Dorothy Martin, acclaimed lead singer of the female-led rock act Dorothy. The record was produced and mixed by the legendary Chris Lord-Alge, who has worked with iconic bands such as U2, Green Day, and My Chemical Romance.

Bursting with energy, “Living Dangerous” inspires listeners to break free of their inhibitions, tapping into classic rock sensibilities with a modern sonic twist. Lead singer Zach Allen’s and Dorothy’s voices blend perfectly with an obvious chemistry that draws listeners in and takes them on an irresistible rock ’n’ roll musical journey. 

“Living Dangerous (featuring Dorothy)” is now available to stream and download across platforms. https://tempt.ffm.to/livingdangerous

Zach Allen expressed his excitement about the single’s release: “After this crazy year, we are so ready for the world to hear Living Dangerous! It’s a great kickoff to the coming launch of the new record. Working with Chris Lord-Alge and then having Dorothy sing with us just took the track to yet another level! Roll down the car windows, blast it and try not to speed.

Featured artist Dorothy commented, “Tempt are an incredibly talented group of guys, and working on “Living Dangerous” with them was a blast from start to finish. The track is so vibrant and full of energy, and I’m stoked to be a part of it.

Lord-Alge continued, “When Tempt’s agent Steve Strange and manager Andy Gould came to me and played the first demo mixes, I knew this was the birth of a great new band. They took influences from so many of my favorite bands and made it their own. Tempt breathes life back into Rock with their own sound. I’m onboard for the duration to make this journey amazing

Check out the official music video for the track...

 Tempt’s manager, film and music industry veteran Andy Gould, added, “Having been fortunate enough to manage some very successful artists from their start (i.e. Rob Zombie, Linkin Park), every so often you see a band and know they are going to be HUGE. That was the case when I saw TEMPT. Great playing and classic songs, these guys will be around for a long time. In my experience, the marriage of rock music and horror films has always been strong. Having produced a dozen horror films and being around the genre for decades, you begin to recognize the same fan base. The people that like hard rock are the same ones who love a good horror film. Putting them together is the perfect match.


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