The Night Flight Orchestra Release Video For 'Change'

The Night Flight Orchestra Release Video For 'Change'

Dear ladies and gentlemen, please prepare for landing: THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA have released their new album Aeromantic II! The new album of Sweden's most famous cabin crew is another thrilling journey to the band's core and their passion for traveling and being in motion - accompanied by the balance act of bittersweet sadness and pure joy of life. 

But before heading off to your next destination, please take some time to listen to the pilot's announcement:

"Aeromantic II is another triumphant return from classic rock heavy-weight contenders The Night Flight Orchestra. At least they don’t seem to plan on throwing in the towel anytime soon. A celebration of life with that constant undercurrent of Swedish melancholy, Aeromantic II is the golden glitter that you don’t want to get rid of, even if it gets stuck everywhere. It’s every memory you didn’t know you had, and every future you didn’t know that you were wishing for. It’s the fork in the road, the light in the tunnel and the unexpected fudge in the unassuming loaf of bread that is life. Bear with The Night Flight Orchestra, and they will teleport you into the neve rending sinful, neon-lit night by pure Swedish willpower. Those men and women won’t back down, but you know that they love you, even though they might come across as a tad too much at times."

Here's your gateway to all possibilities of listening and buying Aeromantic II:

Or you can just grab a copy directly from the Rock Lives Here Store

Together with this epic ride of an album, THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA released stunning video for their song ‘Change’. Join the band for a glass of Champagne and a nice chat in our virtual open sky lounge. Boarding starts is open. Here's to the check-in:

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