Toxic Rose Release New Single "Heroes"

Toxic Rose Release New Single

Swedish dark sleaze metallers ToxicRose recently released their latest singles ‘Domination’ and ‘Outta Time’, hitting prominent Spotify and Apple Music Hard Rock playlists. They are set to release their sophomore album IN FOR THE KILL via Crusader Records (digitally and CD) on September 24th. A vinyl will be released in November.

To celebrate the album announce, ToxicRose have released a new track for radio, ‘Heroes’. A fast and powerful track with a splash of modern metal. Like a steamroller crashing through everything, it takes you for a ride through one of man's greatest mistakes.

ToxicRose are indeed back with a vengeance! The long awaited sophomore album from Swedish metal-band Toxicrose is almost here. The Stockholm-based quartet is known for their huge, heavy mix of metal and sleaze, and this album is no exception. With 10 fist pumping tracks filled with big choruses, In For The Kill is an album that fires from all cylinders from start to finish.

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1. Blood on Blood - A classic heavy metal anthem, with the energy and power that has come to define the sound of ToxicRose

2. Heroes - A fast and powerful track with a splash of modern metal. Like a steamroller crashing through everything, it takes you for a ride through one of man's greatest mistakes. 

3. In For The Kill - This title track is a classic arena-anthem. Like a machine, it plows ahead with a heavy groove and the message of "Don’t give a fu*k!"

4. Remedy - Heavy, dark and a chorus that brings you back to the classic arena bands of the 80’s, 'Remedy' is bound to never leave your head. 

5. Angel - This dark and epic track clocks in at over 7 minutes. With big powerful choruses and grinding guitar solos, 'Angel' is reminiscent of classic acts such as WASP and Mercyful Fate.  

6. Outta Time - The fourth single, it's a heavy track, filled with melodic hooks that thematically dive into the darkness inside a person's mind. 

 7. Domination - A fast and aggressive, trash metal flavored fist in your face! 'Domination' never hits the brakes as it blows your speakers with old school thrash and heavy metal. 

8. Open Up N’ Bleed - A heavy song with a modern touch, and a chorus that can lift the roof off of any arena. Lyrically, this track dwells on a man’s passion for the dead. 

9. New Breed - A track that has all the signature sounds that made ToxicRose one of the leading bands of Swedish sleaze metal. 

10. The Great Escape - The big finale. A track that starts out slow and builds up to an exploding climax, closing the album in the most bombastic way. 

ToxicRose - In For The Kill

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