Twelve Foot Ninja Release New Video 'Over And Out'

Twelve Foot Ninja Release New Video 'Over And Out'
Heavy fusion rockers Twelve Foot Ninja release an extended video for their new single Over and Out with a guest appearance by the enigmatic Tatiana Shmayluk, frontwoman of metal band JinjerIt’s Twelve Foot Ninja’s third single from their upcoming album VENGEANCE (out 15th October 2021 through Volkanik Music).

The video was shot in three countries: Finland, Ukraine, and Australia with three separate teams over the course of three separate calendar years. In true Twelve Foot Ninja form, it delivers in spades.
When asked to summarise the video, guitarist Stevic MacKay said it like this: "A man covered in cow s**t wanders the Australian bush seeking clarity. Tortured by recurring dreams about having no face, meeting the ferryman in a Finnish swamp, old twitchy people with straw heads, vacuuming the forest, cradling a pike and squash playing goat people who spoil Christmas and drink everyone’s dregs…The only obvious thing to do is find a door Goblin to suck "dream gravy" (aka Vegemite) off his fingers so he can teleport to a Ukrainian mechanical genie to blow his mind with Australian metaphors about being f**ked in the head."


Twelve Foot Ninja has put their fans on notice that their new album VENGEANCE is out October 15th along with a high fantasy novel The Wyvern And The Wolf that has been several years in the making, and in the past few months they’ve released a graphic novel, a game, three batsh*t crazy videos and announced their first live shows since a string of sell out shows all the way back in 2019.

Twelve Foot Ninja's new single Over & Out featuring Tatiana Shmayluk of Jinjer can be purchased/streamed at Their new album 'Vengeance' will be released on Friday October 15th and can be pre-ordered now.

THUR 06 JAN - Adelaide – The Gov
SAT 08 JAN - Melbourne – The Croxton
(More shows to be announced soon)

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