Weekly Riff Raff - Vol.3

Weekly Riff Raff - Vol.3

Aussie Rock fans - have you caught the announcement from Uncaged Festival these past few days?  It's an absolute cracker, with bands across the spectrum of hard rockalternativepop punkprogmetal and everything in between.  Check out all the details below...

It still seems so far, far away, but seeing this and some other recent Gig announcements is bringing optimism and anticipation for 2022.

Loads of new tunes and and albums to bring to your attention...

New Rock To Check Out

The Congregation - Lie To Me

When he's not ruling the country world with Canada's finest in The Road Hammers, Clayton Bellamy is saving our souls with a Rock N Roll Revival with The Congregation.  This is the latest single.

Eclipse - Wired

Swedish hard-rockers Eclipse have released what could just be their best album yet.  Short, punchy, explosive tracks bursting with a catchiness that is almost unrivalled on their past albums.  Album of the year contender!!  Track 1 - Roses On Your Grave, my goodness!  Grab your copy right here in the Rock Lives Here store.

Dreamers Crime - Here We Are

Sydney's Dreamers Crime have just released their cracking album Here We Are.  If you love your rock on the heavier side and rising anthems such as from the likes of Papa Roach, then this is well worth your attention.

Johnny - Stand Up And Fight

Newcastle rocker Johnny has released a rousing anthem in Stand Up And Fight after a hiatus from music for a few years, he's returned with one resolve in his mind: to revitalise the art of the catchy pop-rock song.  With this song, he's sure on the right track!

Melbourne’s very own NAT ALLISON has just released her highly anticipated single, WE ARE THE HEROES.  This feisty rocker with her guitar slung way down low, might be petite but really must be heard to be believed.
Hardcore Superstar
Slicing through the speakers like a psychotic 80’s slasher movie, “Dreams in Red” the latest from Hardcore Superstar will take you on a twisted journey through the mind of a mentally unstable killer, haunted and torn by their violent past.  Brilliant!

SuburbiaSuburbia - Swifty Goes To The Shop

Suburbiasuburbia is more than just an artistic anomaly; they’re activists from the East Coast of Australia with a penchant for hard rock and blues whose unmistakable, distinctive musical style is a fresh breath of air.  Suburbiasuburbia is dangerously prolific and continue their offensive with a new track Swifty Goes to the Shop.

Uncaged Festival

Uncaged (Presented by Silverback Touring) is the newest rock festival on the Australian festival circuit and packs a punch of musical diversity catering to fans of hard rockalternativepop punkprogmetal and everything in between.  Read all the details here...

Uncaged Festival 2022

What To Read

Nikki Sixx is set to release his latest book THE FIRST 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx.  It's due out on October 19th and the accompanying album Sixx: A.M. Hits will be released on October 22nd.  At this stage, we don't have copies available via Rock Lives Here, so grab it via your usual outlets...but if I get any in, you'll be the first to know!

Nikki Sixx The First 21

What To Watch / Videos Of The Week

WTF happened to the music on MTV, is a catch-cry many of us have been shouting for years now, but fear not, bands are still out there making film clips, just as they are making albums.

If you don't already follow Rock Lives Here on YouTube, then give us a follow and stay up to date with all the latest releases on the 2021 Rock Lives Here playlist.

Right now, a couple of my favs are....

Dirty Honey - The Wire

Molly & The Krells - Silver & Gold 

Hardcore Superstar - Dreams In Red

 What To Listen To

Rock Lives Here has you sorted if you like to play over on Spotify.  There's a bunch of killer ROCK playlists covering almost all the bases.  My personal favourites is the aptly titled Rock Lives Here playlist which features tracks updated weekly from the past, present and future of ROCK.  #WhereAustraliaRocks is over 100 songs from the killer Aussie artists that your ears deserve to here!  Click the images below to check them out...

Rock Lives Here Playlist

Where Australia Rocks



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