Gyroscope - Are You Involved? (Red Vinyl LP)

Gyroscope - Are You Involved? (Red Vinyl LP)

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To celebrate 15 years of “Are You Involved’, Gyroscope are re-issuing the album as a limited edition red vinyl.

Are You Involved? is the second major label album release by Perth alternative rock band Gyroscope.

The album was released in 2005 and debuted at No. 20 on the Australian album charts, as well as being nominated for Australian Album of the Year at the J Award of 2005 and winning Most Popular Album at the 2006 West Australian Music Industry Awards.

Get amongst it and grab your copy of Perth Rock History!!

Gyroscope - Are You Involved Tracklisting

Side A

1. Don't Look Now But I Think I'm Sweating Blood
2. Fast Girl
3. Beware Wolf
4. Mistakes and Ladders
5. A Slow Dance
6. Sexxxy

Side B

7. Dream Vs Scream
8. Raindrops
9. 22 of 3
10. Missed The Point
11. Don't Let The Light In
12. She Will Come

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