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Cormac Neeson



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Cormac Neeson is a name some of you will be familiar with as the lead singer of Irish hard rockers The Answer. Well Cormac has just recently released a couple of amazing singles as a solo artist. The very touching Broken Wing and the title track from his forthcoming album White Feather which will be released in Australia in Q2 2020 through Social Family Records.

I recently had a chat with Cormac about his transition as a solo artist, writing in Nashville and the very personal nature of this new album White Feather.

Be sure to follow Cormac on his social channels and I highly recommend you watch the YouTube documentary giving a touching insight into the personal story behind the meaning of Broken Wing.

Cormac Neeson: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Interviews & Chats

Dangerous Curves give us the lowdown on their killer new album ‘Summertime Highs’!



Dangerous Curves Band

Melbourne hard rockers Dangerous Curves have just dropped their new full length album, Summertime Highs.

Inspired by the likes of their childhood heroes Bon Jovi, Kiss and Van Halen, Dangerous Curves formed in 2015 with one only one goal in mind, to bring back the music of the infamous LA scene of the late 80’s…with a modern twist.

Their 2018 full length debut, So Dirty Right was nominated for ‘Best Heavy Album’ at The Age Music Victoria Awards 2018.

Summertime Highs is larger than life and ready to blow you away! Eleven perfectly executed slabs of rock n roll that capture the wild spirit of rock’s glory days while very much looking towards the future. Equal parts grit and polish, Dangerous Curves know how to party!

Check out our chat with the legends below!

In 33 words or less, describe to readers what Dangerous Curves is all about in a musical sense?
Our goal as a band is to bring great music to the fans!

We play what we love which is high energy party Rock ‘n’ Roll creating good times and good vibes.

Let’s get to know the band members.  Tell us a rock ‘n’ roll fact or myth for each band member?
Cammy Paul (Guitarist) – holds the unwritten record for chewing most pieces of chewing gum in one mouthful, and we ain’t kidding, it’s a sight to witness!

Kym Britten (vocals) – put his hand up once to be designated driver to one of our rock shows and not drink any alcohol…. he swore that he would never do this again (haha).

Will Saw (Bassist) – has an ENORMOUS heart! Hence the reason we call him BIG Willy (wink wink).

Luke Chapman (Drums) – has a tattoo of the metal devil from Tenacious D on his back, what more needs to be said!

You’ve just released your latest album Summertime Highs, thinking back to the recording of the album, what are some of the most immediate memories?
Hearing the tracks come into your ears with clarity and sharpness for the first time is something special, it’s almost got a kind of magic to it…. Yeah it’s a really special moment.

First single off the album Good And The Bad is seriously one of the best songs I’ve heard all year! Talk about channelling everything I love about music…  Tell us more about this song & video and how it came about?
Well we almost threw it away! We were writing songs like ‘I Like It’ and ‘Nightmare Games’ for the album and we were kinda split on that song because of its original form but after some firm discussions we revisited it and lucky we did! Some new words and melodies, a few tweaks here and there and boom… Good And The Bad was here! The video came fairly easy once we had the vision of what the song was about.

For those familiar with your debut album So Dirty Right, what does Summertime Highs have that your first album didn’t?
I think that So Dirty Right was a great starting point and Summertime Highs shows how we’ve grown as musicians and writers. Basically we were so much more prepared for this album and I think it really shows overall.

What are some of the bands key musical influences and how much do they vary amongst band members?
We all share a love for the 80s glam rock no doubt, but we all have different tastes in all kinds of music. Somehow we mix it all up and put out some really cool stuff. If you’ve listened to our catalogue…. you can probably guess a few.

What would you say are the key “ingredients” that are essential to the songs of Dangerous Curves?
Energy is a must. If you can’t dance or move to it, we keep looking. If we would listen to it as a fan, then we’re on to something! We just look for stuff that we think sounds cool and build from there.

What Movie Soundtrack from the past would have been perfectly suited for the music of Dangerous Curves?
Hmmm…. funny question haha! Well it would probably have to be something with action, pretty girls and so I’d have to say maybe Point Break or Days Of Thunder?

For those who haven’t yet seen Dangerous Curves live (myself included!!), tell us what one can expect from your live show?
A feel good rush of High energy power, A true Rock ‘n’ Roll party!

Looking ahead to the end of the year with much positivity, complete this…  2021 will have been an awesome year for Dangerous Curves because…
1. Obviously the release of Summertime Highs!
2. Progressing as a band and finding new ways to be challenged
3. Mastering our craft not only as entertainers, but also on a business level

Buy your Vinyl or CD copy of Summertime Highs directly from the band. Click this link or the album cover below.

Check out more info on Summertime High right here…

Dangerous Curves Summertime Highs

Follow Dangerous Curves

Web | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

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Interviews & Chats

All Good Things aim ‘For The Glory’



All Good Things

Next-generation rock group All Good Things recently dropped a monstrous new version of their anthemic hit For The Glory now featuring Johnny 3 Tears and Charlie Scene of Hollywood Undead. The track, an unapologetic victory song for the underdog, with lyrics like “We celebrate with the city tonight/ Hear the hometown cheer/ It’s the ultimate high,” has already resonated with millions of listeners around the world with its original version reaching over 100M streams across digital platforms to date. This new, amplified rendition comes ahead of the band’s first full-length studio album since signing with Better Noise Music, due later this year.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Dan Murphy (Vocals / Guitar) and Liz Hooper (Bass / Keyboards) who Zoomed in from a sunny Los Angeles.  Like so many other bands, All Good Things were poised to have this collab, new album and a bunch of touring underway long ago, but as the saying goes “good things” come to those who wait….

Dan: This collab with Hollywood Undead has been in the works for a long time.  We had everything pretty much finalised a while back, but things like even the video have gone through so many different shapes and forms and edits.  It’s great to finally have it out there!  To be honest, we wrote this song over three years ago, so for us it’s kind of funny that it’s now this “new” song to so many people as it’s like one of our oldest jams.

“For the Glory’ is a swagger anthem about celebrating a hard earned victory against all odds, with all the people around you that helped get you there. We’re so touched by how many people have connected with this song since we first released it. We love collaborating and are so grateful to our friends Johnny 3 Tears and Charlie Scene from Hollywood Undead for hopping on this and taking it to the next level.”

The band have also released a music video for the song, directed by Wombat Fire. Featuring footage from the upcoming horror-thriller feature film The Retaliators, in which the song appears, coming later this year from Better Noise Films.

The new video very much embodies the band’s origins, with the LA-based group starting off creating monster rock songs that could be used across media like games, TV and films.  It seems that I’m not alone in having my first taste of the band via a Spotify Gym themed playlist, where the band initially released songs under the name of “Battle Rock”.

Liz: Actually that’s how a lot of people have discovered us, through doing songs for film and television.  We were just having fun in the studio making all these balls out rock tunes for Sport and Superhero movies etc.  So we basically threw those songs up on Spotify for shits and giggles, with no intentions of really being a band.  And then people just kept messaging us about our songs, so we got on Spotify one day and went Holy Shit, look at all these streams.  We just never realised, so that was when we decided we should actually do this as a proper band.  We’ve each been in hundreds of bands and done all the touring before, but this band is like this magic kind of thing.

Dan: We had other bands on the side that I was involved in, but this has just kept snowballing into something bigger and bigger and we thought we’ve got to put more energy into this.  In the beginning we really were just writing for songs to be licensed for different stuff.  We were writing the most ridiculous, bombastic, arrogant kind of songs, whatever came out, came out.  I’m a huge Hockey fan and would be watching NHL or NFL and get inspired.  Then there were fans who in the Anime and Gaming type world were making their own videos to our music and we just had no idea.  But now we’ve really embraced it and been engulfed by it.  We’re just grateful we had a licensing company who was doing all of that and placing our songs in all the right places, and from there it’s just snowballed into something pretty epic.

Being a band to seize an opportunity, they got onto the live-streaming early when it was clear that shows were not happening.  Taking those live streams even a step further, the band combined their love of collaborations and came up with some pretty epic footage that you can check out over on their YouTube channel.

Dan: Instead of touring, we just did live streams every week.  We had our studio set-up here and we live streamed to every platform we could.  Andrew (Guitarist) is really smart and figured it all out.  We worked through our whole back catalogue and got to play a bunch of stuff we’d never really played before. 

Liz:  With the collabs, we did one with Spencer from Ice Nine Kills, there was Kyle Gass from Tenacious D and also Hyro The Hero. 

Continues Dan, it was really fun, I actually felt like the host there, as we’d have these half hour interview segments as part of the stream.  It was really fun just to shoot the shit so to speak, it was so different from a show.  You can actually catch those collabs over on our YouTube channel.  The one with Kyle Gass was hilarious, we did a Neil Diamond song and Kyle dressed up as him and we did a Metallica cover with Spencer from Ice Nine Kills.

Whilst a date hasn’t been officially announced, the band is hoping for their latest album to be released around August / September and hopefully shows will also happen in the 2021…

Dan: We’re really hoping that the album comes out August / September.  We were basically all geared up and ready to go right when the pandemic hit.  We’d had the album kind of just approved and we got the mixes back we were super fired to get it out as soon as possible.  A lot of our fans have been waiting for such a long time for this album.

Liz: As far as the new album we have a collab with Hyro The hero, who’s on our label.  He’s an amazing rap / rock artist.  We haven’t released that one as yet, so people will have to wait to check that out when the album comes out!

Since chatting with Liz and Dan, they were just announced for the massive Aftershock Festival taking place in October 2021 in Sacramento, California. A huge multi-day festival featuring Metallica, Misfits, The Offspring, Volbeat, Seether + many, many more. Since having having had summer shows with Stabbing Westward and From Ashes To New canned, with the band embracing regular live-streams, their upcoming live performances will carry with it an interesting milestone in the bands evolution….

Dan: It’s been like a year and a half now since we played any shows.  It’s funny that we’ve done all these live streams, but when it comes time to playing on stage again to an audience, it’s going to only be like our 3rd ever show together.  As a band, we’ve done 4 times more livestreams than we have real shows!!

I just can’t wait to not only play, but to start going to shows again.  I was going to so many shows for a while there, like every week I was going to one or two shows.  Stripping away live music and sports, it’s been crazy…

What is also pretty crazy are the Aussie connection(s) that surround the band.  Liz and guitarist Andrew Bojanic are originally from Adelaide, prior to relocating in Los Angeles a number of years ago.  With a band name All The Good Things, surely they are destined for a slot on a future Good Things festival line-up? Not to mention lead singer Dan has the surname Murphy…so maybe a collab with Aussie liqour store giant Dan Murphy’s also awaits them?

Dan: That would be so awesome, but can you imagine how confusing that would be for ever audience member.  Now the other reason I really want to go down there is because Dan Murphy’s is like a liquor chain right? 

Liz: Whenever I go back home, I always send pictures back to Dan of myself standing out the front of a Dan Murphy’s saying “look at you….!!”

Before wrapping up our chat, upon spotting my framed Electric Mary vinyl on my wall, Dan drops another unexpected Aussie link by revealing,

Dan: Electric Mary is actually named after my Aunt (Mary Campbell), who ran a recording studio in New York the band recorded at.  I love Electric Mary, they’re one of my favourite Aussie bands, I’ve been listening to them from the beginning.

For All Good Things fans who have been with the band right from the beginning, a new album is not far away.  Being the first on label Better Noise Music, it’s sure to be a monster and destined to grow the bands fanbase worldwide.  For me personally, I await the opportunity to catch All Good Things playing Good Things festival here in Australia!

Be sure to follow the band via their platforms below:

Website | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube

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Interviews & Chats

Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets



The Screaming Jets

Dave Gleeson and The Screaming Jets need no introduction, having taken the Aussie music scene by the scruff of the neck over 30 years ago, cementing their spot as one of the absolute Rock N Roll powerhouses in the decades since.

C’Mon the track that opened up this latest Podcast Episode was the song that may have been your  first taste of The Jets, but it was debut album All For One and Better that introduced the band to the masses.

Celebrating it’s 30 year anniversary this year, The Screaming Jets have just announced a re-release of All For One, with re-recorded versions, as well as a National Tour that kicks off in July through October that will see that legendary album played from start to finish.

I had the pleasure of recently chatting with frontman Dave Gleeson where we talked memories of the “electricity” recording All For One in Paradise Studios, Sydney, The Jets finding their place in a rock world that saw them playing with Pearl Jam at their first ever L.A show – to supporting hair metal band KIX.  For those hanging for a new studio album from The Jets, Dave has some news for you there as well…

Be sure to head over to The Screaming Jets website to check out a bunch of cool pre-order options for the All For One Release and grab your tickets to one of the shows coming to a City near you!




FRI 13 – FREO SOCIAL, FREMANTLE, WA (tickets here)
SAT 14 – CHARLES HOTEL, PERTH, WA (tickets here)
FRI 20 – THE TRIFFID, BRISBANE, QLD (presale here | general on sale)

FRI 3 – GATEWAY HOTEL, GEELONG, VIC (tickets here)
FRI 17 – BELMONT 16S, BELMONT, NSW (tickets here)
SAT 18 – SAWTELL RSL, SAWTELL, NSW (tickets here)
FRI 24 – THE BRIDGE HOTEL, ROZELLE, NSW (presale here | general on sale)
SAT 25 – THE BRIDGE HOTEL, ROZELLE, NSW (presale here | general on sale)


The Screaming Jets All For One
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