Butch Walker - American Love Story (Live & Quarantined) (Vinyl)

Butch Walker - American Love Story (Live & Quarantined) (Vinyl)

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Butch Walker's American Love Story album has been one of my personal favourite albums, since being released in 2020. Now, there's the Live And Quarantined version of the album. Record live, just Butch, with a guitar, keyboard and an old 80's drum machine. Recorded live in one take.

  • Release Year: 6 April 2021
  • Label: Ruby Red Recordings
  • Format: Vinyl LP
  • Item NoRuby Red


  1. Gridlock
  2. Flyover State
  3. 6ft Middle-Age American Man
  4. Fuck It (I Don’t Like Love)
  5. Divided States of America
  6. Out in the Open


  1. Torn in the USA
  2. Everything White
  3. Pretty Crazy
  4. You Gotta’ Be Just Who You Are
  5. Forgot to Say I Love You

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