Eskimo Joe - The World Repeats Itself Somehow, The Best Of (Vinyl LP) - Rock Lives Here

Eskimo Joe - The World Repeats Itself Somehow, The Best Of (Vinyl LP)

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 Since their formation in 1997, Eskimo Joe have remained a quintessential part within the Australian music scene.

This Best Of release features of all the band's greatest hits, like 2006's Triple J's Hottest 100 #2 "Black Fingernails, Red Wine", Number 12 ARIA chart ranked "Sarah" and the certified gold "Foreign Land".

With the band's incredible career and nationally acclaimed status it wasn't hard at all for them to form a collection of songs that the Australian public already adore.

The album features songs the span across their entire career featuring tracks from their early EP Sweater (1998) all the way to include music from their more recent catalogue with features from Ghost Of The Past (2011).

Eskimo Joe - The Best Of Tracklisting

Side A
1. Sweater
2. Who Sold Her Out
3. Planet Earth
4. Wake Up
5. From The Sea
6. Older Than You

Side B
7. Sarah
8. Black Fingernails, Red Wine
9. New York
10. Foreign Land
11. Don't Let Me Down
12. Love Is A Drug
13. Say Something

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