Girish & The Chronicles - Hail To The Heroes (Vinyl)

Girish & The Chronicles - Hail To The Heroes (Vinyl)

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Not yet released - Shipping date approx. 11 Feb 2022

Hail To The Heroes, the new studio album from buzzworthy Indian hard rockers Girish And The Chronicles.  With frontman Girish proclaiming..."It will have all the musical elements that we love to hear, in our day to day lives, which of course revolves around good old Rock 'n Roll. From the Sunset Strip to NWOBHM and more. Our audience can expect some great anthems!”  

If you're like me and missed their previous album, don't let this one get under your gurard!  Many rock outlets, listed GATC’s "Rock the Highway" on their list of top Top Rock/Metal Albums of 2020 and the group has gained a cult following with '80's and '90s hair metal and hard rock aficionados.

In their 11 year existence, they have been credited by many fans for bringing the classic hard rock culture back in India and are an inspiration to many new and upcoming bands in the scene.


HAIL TO THE HEROES - Tracklisting


1. Primeval Desire
2. Children Of The Night
3. I'm Not The Devil
4. Love's Damnation
5. Clearing The Blur
6. Lover's Train


7. Rock And Roll Jack
8. Hail To The Heroes (intro)
9. Hail To The Heroes
10. Shamans Of Time
11. Heaven's Crying
12. Rock N' Roll Fever ft. Chris Adler, Myrone, Rowan Robertson

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