Motorhead - Everything Louder Forever (Vinyl 2LP) - Rock Lives Here
Motorhead - Everything Louder Forever (Vinyl 2LP) - Rock Lives Here

Motorhead - Everything Louder Forever (Vinyl 2LP)

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Motörhead...a life force, an energy, an attitude and the loudest, meanest, dirtiest music to smash the 20th and 21st centuries. With a bastard sound comprising an unholy synergy of rock, punk and heavy metal, Motörhead comes coated in relentless, ear-curdling power.

They were life-changing for millions, carrying a spirit and approach to life and music which proudly said, “Honey, we’re hoo-oome and don’t bother cleaning because we’re here to enjoy ourselves!”  The ‘off’ switch was never employed in the Motörhead lust for life, and they became legends as a result.  

This collection is the definitive assembly of Motörhead songs which have created this cultural phenomenon, and represents the first time all eras of the band’s recorded history have been represented in one place. 

This gatefold 2LP edition contains twenty two songs including : Ace Of Spades, Killed By Death, Overkill, Orgasmatron, Bomber, The Game and many more.


Motorhead - Everything Louder Forever (Vinyl 2LP) Tracklisting

1. Overkill

2. We Are Motorhead

3. Snaggletooth

4. Rock It

5. Iron Fist

6. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

7. Orgasmatron

8. Burner

9. In The Name Of Tragedy

10. Cradle To The Grave

11. On Your Feet Or On Your Knees

12. The Game

13. Bomber

14. 1916

15. Killed By Death

16. Just Cos You Got The Power

17. Ace Of Spades

18. Rock Out

19. I Am The Sword

20. God Save The Queen

21. Queen Of The Damned

22. Motorhead

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