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Noiseworks - Noiseworks (Vinyl LP)

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Take Me Back....surely one of the most iconic rock songs in Australian music history and Jon Stevens one of the great Australian rock voices, without question!

But this debut album is no one -hit wonder, with No Lies also up there in legendary Aussie rock songs, with the album producing 5 singles in total.

If you missed it on Vinyl in the 80's, here's your chance to add this reissue into the collection.

  • Release Year: 2017
  • Label: Sony Music
  • Format: 180G Vinyl LP
  • Item No88985342451


  1. 1Burning Feeling
  2. Love Somebody
  3. Take Me Back
  4. No Lies
  5. River Of Tears


  1. Welcome To The World
  2. Edge Of Darkness
  3. Little Bit More
  4. Only Loving You

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