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Papa Roach - Who Do You Trust (Orange Vinyl LP)

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The 10th studio album from American rockers Papa Roach was released in 2019. Their most eclectic album to date, it sees the band at their most experimental and pushing the boundaries of what their most commonly known for!

  • Release Year: 2019
  • Label: Better Noise Music
  • Format: 180G Orange Vinyl LP
  • Item NoBNM-367-1


  1. The Ending
  2. Renegade Music
  3. Not The Only One
  4. Who Do You Trust?
  5. Elevate
  6. Come Around


  1. Feel Like Home
  2. Problems
  3. Top Of The World
  4. I Suffer Well
  5. Maniac
  6. Better Than Life

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