Rose Tattoo - Blood Brothers (Vinyl 2 LP)
Rose Tattoo - Blood Brothers (Vinyl 2 LP)

Rose Tattoo - Blood Brothers (Vinyl 2 LP)

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Rose Tattoo is still a major player in Australian rock and has been at the helm of Australia’s rock music scene for decades, reaching cult status, here and overseas. Blood Brothers is a rock ´n roll album that mixes traditional and modern styles and is a tribute to previous band members no longer with us.

Presented on Blood Red vinyl.  This double vinyl LP featuring 17 tracks, including the original 11 on LP1 and 6 Live tracks on LP2.



Side A
1. Black Eyed Bruiser
2. Slipping Away
3. Once in a Lifetime
4. 1854
5. City Blues

Side B
1. Sweet Meat
2. Man About Town
3. Creeper
4. Standover Man
5. Nothing To Lose
6. Lubricated



Side C
1. Man About Town (Live)
2. Black Eyed Bruiser (Live)
3. Once in a Lifetime (Live)

Side D
1. Sweet Meat (Live)
2. Standover Man (Live)
3. Nothing To Lose (Live)

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