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Sixx: A.M - Prayers For The Damned: Volume 1 (Vinyl LP)

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 'Prayers For The Damned' is the anticipated fourth studio album from SIXX:A.M.!

The Los Angeles based hard rock band was originally formed in 2007 by Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue), DJ Ashba (Guns N Roses) and vocalist/producer James Michael (known for producing albums from hit albums from Papa Roach, Motley Crue & Hinder, with songwriting credits for singles from Kelly Clarkson, Halestorm and Hillary Duff).

First single "Rise," taken from their first volume of a double album 'Prayers For The Damned' is an anthemic rock masterpiece, and a true testament to SIXX:A.M.'s powerful call-to-arms mission of uniting the masses, calling them to stand up for their beliefs.

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