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The Living End - Wunderbar (Vinyl LP)

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Frontman Chris Cheney can give you the lowdown..."We're not trying to re-write Dark Side of the Moon or anything. Instead, Wunderbar does what The Living End do best, what's kept hundreds of thousands of fans listening for nearly a quarter of a century: straightforward, heart-pounding, guns blazing rock and roll. I cannot wait to hit the road and get loud!"

PS: I'm not 100% sure what color vinyl this version is. It could be Purple/White or Yellow/Black...

Release Year: 2018
Label: Warner
Format: Vinyl LP
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  1. Don't Lose It
  2. Not Like The Other Boys
  3. Otherside
  4. Death Of The American Dream
  5. Drop The Needle
  6. Love Won't Wait


  1. Proton Pill
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Too Young To Die
  4. Wake Up The Vampires
  5. Rat In A Trap

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