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Zoot - Zoot Out (Orange Vinyl)

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Often called a “supergroup in reverse”, ZOOT is the band that started it all for Australian rock legends Darryl Cotton, Beeb Birtles, Rick Springfield and Rick Brewer.

This classic compilation gathers all of the ZOOT singles, including the hits ‘One Times, Two Times, Three Times, Four’ (written and produced by The Twilights’ Terry Britten), ‘Monty and Me’ (produced by Ian “Molly” Meldrum and featuring a whistling Johnny Farnham), and the band’s blistering hard rock cover of The Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby’.

Originally released after the band broke up in 1971, this remastered reissue comes on eye-popping orange vinyl. ZOOT OUT.




1. You'd Better Get Goin
2. One Times, Two Times, Three Times, Four
3. Monty & Me
4. About Time
5. Mr. Songwriter
6. Flying
7. Hey Pinky

    SIDE B

    1. Strange Things
    2. Eleanor Rigby
    3. Turn Your Head
    4. The Freak
    5. Evil Child

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