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RED CIRCLE set to release ‘All We Are’ the album that almost never saw the light of day



In the early 2000’s, Melbourne’s RED CIRCLE seemed poised to bring anthemic and epic rock back from the shadows in which it had been lurking.  Riding the wave out of Nu-Metal, in an era when discovering new music via Myspace was becoming a thing and bands such as Marvelous3, SR-71 and American Hi-Fi were bringing back the guitar solo, anthemic choruses and a touch of that 80’s hard rock attitude.  Locally, Motor Ace were delivering monster riffs, Jet were on the runaway about to take off and Electric Mary were just kicking into gear.  In the midst of this was RED CIRCLE.

Says Zakk Zedras, front-man and guitarist:

“It was a strange time. I guess that era of “hair metal” was dead and really un-cool. So a lot of musicians were re-inventing themselves in this style of melodic / power-pop / rock”.

If you were lucky enough to see RED CIRCLE in those early 2000’s, then there’s no doubt even here today there’s many still remembering the electric energy, the stage presence and an arsenal of monster anthems. 

“We were getting great crowds at cool venues like The Duke, The Espy, Evelyn, Revolver, we played Mercury Lounge and the Corner Hotel. We did really well and had great crowds. It was such a good scene and really great vibe, so many people would come out and see live bands back in those days”

But the thing that was missing from that picture, was an album release.  One of those rock ‘n’ roll hard luck stories, All We Are now gets it’s long awaited release, soon to be available on all digital platforms.

As someone who received a promo copy of All We Are back in the day, it’s been an album that has always been on regular rotation over the years.  Rest assured, this album absolutely has it’s place in the rock world of the 2020’s and essentially, is a must listen for anyone who loves anthemic rock with an electric edge.  Just as it was poised to buck the local trends in 2003, even here in 2020 there’s just an indescribable presence, an aura if you will, that elevates these songs into a place of their own. 

No better example than ‘The World That I See’ . Despite being written 20 years ago, lyrically it’s as though it was a premonition of what we are dealing with in 2020. For Zakk reflecting back on these songs, many have taken on additional meaning and significance.

 “Listening back to the album all these years later the lyrics are obviously very autobiographical. They go from being totally broken down, to rebirth. Coincidentally and sadly, there’s two songs about friends I was very close to at the time, who have both passed away.”

Whilst RED CIRCLE disappeared off the scene, Zakk himself has been no stranger to stages around Australia, currently as guitarist in Chocolate Starfish.  When asked of the prospect of getting together with RED CIRCLE song-writing partner in crime Clint Quan, to write new RED CIRCLE music, Zakk had this to say…

“I’d love to write with Clint again, but we both live on the other side of town and have kids, so time is an issue right now. But who knows what might happen next year and even if we did one gig next year, it would be really cool. The idea is certainly very romantic”.

Never say never, I will say, but for now, be sure to check out All We Are and revel in what might just be one of the best local rock albums your ears have never heard.

Check out my full 30 minute chat with Zakk below, including a preview of one of the album tracks The World That I See.

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Zakk Zedras: Vocals & Guitars
Clint Quan: Bass
James Bunney: Drums

Produced by: RED CIRCLE
Recorded at: Indent and Primal Studios 2002

Available on all Digital Platforms: Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Pandora, YouTube etc.