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Rock Lives Here Spotify Playlists

If you are looking for some inspired music listening, then check out the hand picked Rock Lives Here Spotify playlists, covering the latest and greatest in rock music.

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33 of the greatest new ROCK tunes you’ll hear this week.

We salute the latest and greatest Aussie Rock artists. Support your local rock gods!

Melodic hard rock and AOR greatness from the past, present and future.

Like your ROCK with a hint of twang, a dose of slide and some good ol’ southern rock, country goodness?

Honoring the legacy of classic rock + featuring the new breed of classic rockers who make rock the way it used to taste.

This is heavy as ROCK gets, with some of 2000’s greatest modern ROCK bands. Best listened to loud, very loud!

Can you define what alternative rock is? No, neither can we…. this playlist may help answer?

If Metal Edge, Aquanet, MTV Headbangers Ball and the Sunset Strip is your kinda language, then this is your playlist.

Simply the best Power Ballads of all time.

#WhereAustraliaRocks Playlist