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THUNDERMOTHER Release New Album Heat Wave + Interview with Filippa Nässil



One of the best hard rock albums you’ll hear in 2020 is Heat Wave from Sweden rockers Thundermother! An album that has it all, balls to the wall rock ‘n’ roll, bluesy jams, soaring ballads and hard rock anthems that will have you cranking them loud and proud all the way to 11!

I recently chatted to guitarist and founding member FILIPPA NÄSSIL, which you can check out below.


“Heat Wave”, the title of the fourth Thundermother album is as succinct as the message from the Swedish high voltage rock’n’rollers:

“Be ready, Thundermother will come over you like a sound heat wave! We sweep you away with our sound energy. And our goal is nothing less than Rock ‘n’ Roll World Domination!”

Thundermother have big plans with a solid foundation. The Thundermother sound on the new album “Heat Wave” is even groovier, fatter and presents 13 tracks with an absolute catchy tune. “Heat Wave” that reveals the full potential of the four exceptional musicians. The special mix that Thundermother create on this album appeals to fans of rock ‘n’ roll, blues, punk and heavy metal alike.

In 2017 the band reformed completely. Founder and guitar goddess Filippa Nässil achieved a real stroke of luck with this line up. Front woman Guernica Mancini gives the songs a unique touch with her blues-soaked voice. The band is completed by the hard rhythms of drummer Emlee Johansson and Majsan Lindberg on bass. The new band formation found its line within rock ‘n’ roll.

For the first time since the band was founded in 2010 all four band members now contribute to the new songs. Whether in the lyrics or the arrangements – Thundermother’s heart and brain are in the music. The fine tuning was provided by the Danish hard rock hitmaker Soren Andersen, an experienced producer and gifted guitarist who has worked for Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, Dave Mustaine, Tommy Aldrige, etc.

In the space of three weeks the rockers created a top-class album in his Copenhagen Medley recording studio. Thundermother and Soren Andersen: According to the producer, a “match made in heaven”. You can hear the emotional and creative harmony that has existed from the beginning between the producer and the band in the songs.

The result: A more sophisticated version of an AC/DC-Motörhead-Sound, with fresh modern hard rock elements and a rich 70s groove. The songs cover the entire spectrum of life, everything from love ballads, blues songs to party hits.

Filippas Nässil’s favorite track on the album is called “Free Ourselves”. An energetic song with a stunning AC/DC-like sound and a political message: Don’t let laws regulate you that way. Rock’n Roll needs space, we humans need space to develop.

Emlee Johannsson prefers the song “Driving in style”. A cool mix of heavy metal riffs with a chorus that sounds like a skate punk song.

“Heat Wave” is the musical expression of the lifestyle of the hard rockers: Thundermother don’t just play rock’n’roll. Thundermother are rock’n’roll!

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Dean Ray chats about new album the ‘4 Trak Sessions – Volume 1″



Sydney Singer / Songwriter Dean Ray recently released his stripped back ‘4 Trak Sessions Volume One’

Setting a challenge earlier this year, Dean set out to release 1 song per week….and this stiring album is the result.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Dean, a raw and candid chat about the impact that 2020 has had on him personally and also his plans musically this year.

Impacts in a way, which are captured musically in the first single from the album, Survive, which you’ll hear during this chat.

We discuss new music that is currently in the works that sees Dean plugging in the electric guitars and we also have a special guest drop in for a chat in the form of Dean’s dog Max.

With Dean having just played his first live gig in Sydney, we start off the chat chatting about the feeling of being back on stage.

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Andrew Farriss chats about his first solo release ‘Love Makes The World’ EP



It was an honour to recently chat with legendary songwriter Andrew Farriss, who has just released his debut 5 track EP titled Love Makes The World.

With his planned album release pushed back to 2021 due to the pandemic, this release is a bonus for fans of Andrew Farris, with the EP featuring songs that maybe otherwise wouldn’t have been released.

The songs written over the course of prior years and which feature co-writes with Suze DeMarchi, Jon Stevens, Keiran Gribbin and Guy Chambers are ironically super relevant to the events of 2020.  With themes such as belonging, mental health, suicide, love, conservation and the evolution of human kind featuring in the lyrics.

Sit back and enjoy this chat where we talk about the pivotal moment on horseback when Andrew knew it was time to commit to being a solo performer, we dive into the background to one of my favourite tracks on the EP and with October 14th the day we spoke being the 35th anniversary of INXS’s Listen Like Thieves release, Andrew shares his memories of that albums iconic single What You Need.

With Andrew having run a farm in country NSW now for the last 28 years, we kick off the chat talking about the impact of droughts, leading into bushfires and now the pandemic..

Head over to to purchase a physical copy of the EP and more info & news.

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Don Airey chats new Deep Purple album Whoosh! + memories of working with Gary Moore & Jimmy Barnes!



Deep Purple have just recently released their 21st studio album ‘Whoosh’ and I’ve got to say, definitely one of the best rock albums released so far in 2020.  Have you heard it yet?

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with keyboard legend Don Airey about the album, his role in the band since joining 18 years ago, memories of working with guitar great Gary Moore, as well as his couple of gigs playing with the loudest singer on earth, Aussie legend Jimmy Barnes.

Be sure to check out Whoosh, which sees the band putting the Deep back into Deep Purple and enjoy my chat with Don Airey.

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